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A Weeklong Celebration of
Self-love Through Learning

February 12th - 16th, 2024

Dive into a series of insightful webinars and actionable marketing strategies designed to empower you and your nonprofit.


Exclusive Webinars

From mastering Facebook lead generation to navigating Google Ad Grants, our sessions are packed with valuable insights.


Real Examples

Discover real-world success stories from organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.

Grow With Us

Moxie Week is more than just learning; it's about self-love and bringing clarity to your professional development and personal goals. 


We'll reflect together to help you understand your current life balance, set powerful goals that resonate with your heart and then turn your vision into actionable steps.

  Our Sessions

Unlocking the Google Ad Grant: How Nonprofits Can Get Started

Tuesday, February 13th at 11AM PST

Instagram for Social Enterprises: Strategies for Success

Wednesday, February 14th at 11AM PST

Facebook Lead Generation for Nonprofits: Client Acquisition

Thursday, February 15th at 11AM PST

Plan with us! Write Your 2024 Story of Personal Growth and Nonprofit Success

Friday, February 16th at 11AM PST

Our journey towards greater impact and fulfillment starts February 12th — join our community that values kindness, self-love and learning during Moxie Week. Replays for all webinars will be available to those who register.


We're Giving Away


Lifetime Webinar Access

Get a week's worth of webinars covering marketing strategies used by real nonprofits and personal growth techniques to invest in yourself. 


Action-Oriented Workbook

Receive a free, comprehensive workbook to complement your webinar experience and help you take action sooner.


Exclusive Discount

Enhance your marketing skills and further your learning with access to Nonprofit Marketing Academy at a special rate for Moxie Week attendees.

From Jeanette

Your success in this wild nonprofit world is a personal mission for us.


Learn From Their Success

Goodwill Summary

Habitat Summary

Ad Grant Summary

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